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Horses Helping Healers

Horses Helping Healers

Zeb’s Wish Equine Sanctuary

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Compassion fatigue is real, affecting anyone who cares for others on a regular basis,
and happens when you take on the emotions, pain and suffering of others, losing your
sense of self in the process. Horses are sensitive and calming, allowing us to feel at
home with the emotions in our body. They give us the space to release our stress and
rediscover the individual goals, values and ideals that define us as the remarkable
unique individuals we know we can be-OUR BEST SELF!
In one amazing afternoon you’ll discover:
-How to identify the risk factors for compassion fatigue
-How to create conscious mindful empathy versus mindless empathy
-How to let go of “some” control
-How to set/respect healthy limits/ boundaries and enhance the quality of your
caregiving relationships
-How to take protective measures to counter compassion fatigue
How to reconnect with and celebrate your own sense of self
“Horses Helping Healers” will be offered in small groups (adult participants only) for two
hour sessions at Zeb’s Wish Equine Sanctuary (about 30 minutes southeast of
Participants will engage in simple activities on the ground with horses followed by
guided reflection with experienced facilitators . There is no riding and no equine
experience necessary to participate.
COST: $75 (handouts, snacks and refreshments included)
Registration at
DATE/TIME: May 23,2021 from 11 am to 1 pm
FACILITATOR: Cathy Mahon, Certified Coach/Equine Experiential Education