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Book Equine Assisted Learning and Experiential Ed. Activities

Zeb's Wish Equine Sanctuary 34950 SE Colorado Rd, Sandy, OR 97055

We partner with professionals who conduct Equine-assisted activities at Zeb’s Wish with the Herd in a manner that is beneficial to humans and equines.  You can book one on one and group activities directly with the professionals below.

Cathy Mahon, founder of Life Lessons with Horses is a dedicated teacher, facilitator and coach. Using Equine Experiential Education, she guides and encourages you to discover your true self through your interactions with the horse, all while keeping an important measure of safety as the number one priority.  Cathy does individual coaching and learning sessions as well as small group workshops. Contact: [email protected]

*We are looking to partner with new and innovative Equine professionals who work with equines as co-facilitators of experiences that are ‘at will’ with the equines.  We do not have any riding experiences at Zeb’s Wish.  If interested in partnering with us, email [email protected]