Benyamin - Zeb's wish
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Benyamin (Benny) may look like a fragile muppet but he is one of the strongest souls we know. Born in 1993 and coming from living years in a muddy shelterless pen on the coast, poor Benny never did receive the care he needed.  Upon arrival at the sanctuary and despite his neglect, Benny has blossomed in spirit even as his body gets more fragile.  Benny suffers from founder, Cushing’s disease and arthritis- all of which are kept in check with special care, medications, and feed. We love the head-butting boy that he is and revel in good days and suffer with him through his not so good days.

He loves his Daisy girl with all of his fuzzy heart and we love our Benny with all of our fuzzy hearts!

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