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Unlock the Power of Human-Animal Connection:

Zeb's Wish Equine Sanctuary 34950 SE Colorado Rd Sandy OR 97055

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Animal Reiki – Level 1 Certification in the Let Animals Lead®  Method

Dates: Sat April 20th – Sun April 21st
Time: 10am to 4:00pm each day
Location: Zeb’s Wish Equine Sanctuary
Taught by Leah D’Ambrosio, Co-FOunder of the Shelter Animal Reiki Assoc.

This two day course is designed for those passionate about enhancing both animal welfare and
their personal connection with animals. Whether you’re aiming for professional growth in
animal care or seeking to deepen your relationship with animals, this course offers the
practical skills and ethical insights to achieve that.

Why This Course Stands Out:

  • Tailored for real-world impact, prioritizing animal well-being.
  • Fosters a deeper, more respectful bond with animals.
  • Equips you with practical, compassionate Reiki techniques.
  • Includes comprehensive resources: a detailed manual, live sessions, and ongoing
  • Opens the door to professional recognition and community involvement.

Perfect For:

  • Anyone eager to support animal welfare through respectful, effective methods.
  • Individuals looking to deepen their connection with animals.

Space Is Limited – Transform Your Relationship with Animals
Join us for this special opportunity to learn, grow, and make a difference.