Zeb’s Supporters - Zeb's wish
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Zeb’s Supporters

Zeb’s cannot thank the following supporters enough for their generous and continuing support. We know that “even a sheet of paper is lighter, when two people lift it,” so thank you!
Thanks to Steph and Jessica Sherwood and the Zidell Foundation for your ongoing commitment to  Zebs Wish.
Thanks to our dedicated Veterinary Teams from Columbia Equine Hospital and Mertens Mammals.
You are here for us always, through the toughest times and the best times. You are our miracle workers!
Thanks to our incredible barefoot farrier Chuck Willis with Running Bare Natural Hoof Care. You have never found an equine too fearful to calm. You have never found any foot, no matter how terrible,  something tht cannot be helped
Thank you to our dedicated board of Directors.  Your commitment to this mission and all of the details that go into running this place is a beautiful thing.
Thank you to our Foster Homes. You are the people that allow Zebs Wish to serve so many more.
Thank you to our donors. You sacrifice, be it money or time or things allows us to carry on the mission of healing. We LITERALLY could not do this without you.
Thank you to our Adopters. You have found the value in the horses, mules, and donkeys others found none in. You have given SO many happily ever afters to SO many deserving equines!