Ebony - Zeb's wish
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Ebony is our city girl who was born in 1982 and lived her first 31 years with her human on a city lot in SE Portland.  She was the last livestock animal grandfathered into the City of Portland when it grew up around her. When her human passed away suddenly, neighbors rallied to get this regal old lady to Zeb’s Wish where she has lived since December of 2012. Suffering from Cushing’s Disease and never having had a pasture pal (or a pasture), she headed directly to foster mom Debbie’s paradise to heal her heart and her body. She was joined shortly after by her first roommate Donkey-Hotay, then Dove the pony mule who was her permanent sidekick and best friend. Our lovely lady Ebony has lost her yak like coat thanks to her medications and glows like, well, ebony with all of the great food and care. Her favorite sport is rambling around her kingdom and enjoying her golden years with lots of scratches and kisses.

Our beautiful Ebony passed away in 2018, just two weeks shy of her 38th birthday. She lived to the end like the grand old lady she was.

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