Zeb's wish | Dove
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Dove was surrendered to Zeb’s Wish (along with her pony and Mini mule companions) in March of 2013 after several visits by animal welfare authorities.  Dove, the worst off, both mentally and physically, came to Zebs for sanctuary while her companions went to another rescue for adoption.

This poor little mule had feet that were so long that she was forced to walk on the outsides on her turned up hooves. She suffers from lung damage due to prolonged bouts of pneumonia, uveitis and had a grave fear and mistrust in humans upon her arrival. Due to her need for intense interactive care, she went to live with foster mom Debbie and Ebony the horse where she could be only one of two.  It is there that she has blossomed from a little mule with a crushed spirit to a happy little long ear who takes her infirmities in stride.

Through intensive work with her feet, she is able to move comfortably for the first time in years. With intensive therapy to her broken heart, she is learning that it is safe to love her humans.  She is still a medically fragile lady but learns every day what it is like to take a brick of fear out of her wall of defenses and live life anew.

Our beautiful Dove’s little heart supported her as long as it could and simply could no longer keep up. We helped Dove pass in December 2017.