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Volunteering at Zeb’s Wish can take on many forms. Some folks volunteer weekly and some episodically. Some come out on their own to do some work on the sanctuary or join an organized monthly work party that we announce via email and Facebook.

Activities run the gamut of possibilities and may include helping with morning or evening chores, feeding the herd to mucking stalls and pastures (believe it or not, this is a favorite), brushing the horses, organizing tack sales and helping with building projects. Depending on your goals and experience, we have training opportunities and assisting with rescue and veterinary care.

We are a sanctuary so we do not ride the horses. We are here to be of service to them and take joy in helping them feel good and find peace and health.

Email zebswish@gmail.com to connect and learn more.

 ‘like’ Zeb’s Wish Equine Sanctuary on facebook to see what is going on around the sanctuary!
  • We welcome children when accompanied by adults 
  • Wear work clothes and boots – boots are very important and no flip-flops or soft tennis shoes allowed.  If a horse has ever stood on your foot you will know why.
  • Dress according to the weather and bring rain gear in the winter.
  • Bring sunscreen in the summer, water, snacks
  • You will be asked to sign a waiver (available when you volunteer)
  • Please note Zeb’s Wish holds a strong ethic of open-mindedness, kindness, and compassion, as such, we ask that all judgment and negativity stays outside of the gates.  We welcome all races, gender orientations, abilities, and faiths.
  • The religion that we practice here is that of love and tolerance. 

Please leave your troubles at the gate and give the staff and fellow volunteers the same kindness, respect and compassion that you do the horses here.






34950 SE Colorado Rd Sandy, Oregon 97055

If you are interested in volunteering please complete the following form :

Volunteer Form

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