Zeb's wish | Tulip
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Name: Tulip (bonded with Opal)

Breed: Donkey

Age: 20

Adoption Fee: $400 (For adoption of both Tulip and Opal)

Story: Bonded sisters, Tulip and Opal are lifelong besties who were taken to the auction, a place where elderly equines don’t fare well. Luckily, good Samaritans found Zeb’s Wish and we were able to bid on both she and her big Sister and get them out of there. Tulip is a beautiful lady donkey that is a bit shy of people and takes some time to warm up. Her big sister Opal is doing a WONDERFUL job of modeling the right behavior, so it is just a matter of time before lovely Tulip is coming in for the snuggles too.

We ask that Tulip and Opal are adopted together to a home that understands the needs of long ears.