The Herd - Zeb's wish
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Story of Herd

Billy and Barco

Some stories are happy, if only because a deserving animal is finally released from their pain. Such is the case with lifelong brothers in arms Billy and Barco.

These two kind boys were only 17 and 18 years old but had suffered from years of modest care and both suffered from advanced Cushings disease and severe asthma.  When their owner passed away we took over the care of the boys only to discover quickly that they were both gravely ill.

We opted to help them both find relief from their struggles in July of 2013. They were buried as they lived- together. 


This 30-inch dynamo came to Zebs Wish in the fall of 2015 and filled this place up with his larger than life personality! Bubbles was born in 2012 and his first three years alone in a pasture on a local farm.

This little guy was SUCH a favorite with everyone who came to Zebs Wish and was known for being fearless and inquisitive and, let’s face it, as the clown of the sanctuary. We knew that Bubbles was meant to have a future and a ‘horse of the people’ and we waited patiently for just the right home to come along.

Our wish was granted in November 2017 when his new mom, dad and mini brother Milo came along. Today you can find Bubbles in training for his mayoral debut on the streets of North Portland and at many public events alongside his brother Milo. 

Lil Keith and Marionberry

These two sweet kids we part of a herd of 42 horses intercepted before slaughter from a thoroughbred breeding farm.  Marion and Keith were only 3 and 4 years old but due to the thoroughbred racing industries practices, were forced to run before their knees were ready and growth plates closed. Both Marion and Lil Keith had broken knee caps and were destined for the slaughter auction as ‘losses’ to the industry. They were 3 and 4 years old.

Gratefully, these two ended up at Zebs Wish for the time it might take for their knees to heal.

These were only two of thousands of racehorses bred, ridden and raced, and ruined each year. The many of whom, end their lives before the hit double digits, at low-grade slaughter auctions or on the dirt of the track.

We are glad to say that they were both adopted into loving homes. 


Charlotte was born in 1977 and was a pack horse her entire life. After she lost her lifetime buddy to colic, she became very depressed and distraught. Her owner decided that her best option would be to euthanize her but after much convincing agreed to release her to live with Zeb the mule as a companion.

Charlotte was an original member of the Zebs Wish herd and a cherished member of our community. She was graceful in her aging and infirmities and was always the kind welcomer of visitors and rescues.

Charlotte suffered from a pelvis injury that, after many years became too much for her. Charlotte passed away in June 2013 at the age of 36.


Agnes came to the sanctuary as a seizure through the Oregon Humane Society. At the tender age of 8, Agnes has rarely been handled and suffered from horribly overgrown hooves and a fear of humans that precluded any touch. With constant effort and gentling though natural horsemanship, we are confident that this little mule will be able to find her braveness and have a full life with all the care she deserves.


Shiloh and Buzz came to Zeb’s together from a serious neglect situation in November of 2013. Shiloh, 25 at the time, arrived with a body condition score of just 2 but with good care and senior feed he has rebounded quickly and is becoming the lovely and regal old man he is meant to be.  We were told that he had been a parade horse in his past and the way that Shiloh carried himself with grace and ease, it is easy to see.


 Shiloh has been adopted and now has an equally sassy girlfriend and adoring humans!



Our lovely Moses came to us as part of a rescue out of eastern Oregon in 2012.

He arrived at the sanctuary a terrified and thin old man with failing eyesight and terrible PTSD from his previous life. With good soft food and lots of love and patience, this amazing mule man has gained weight and trust with his humans and fellow herd mates. One year later he has gone from an equine so frightened that he would shake so badly he would collapse, to being a true lover of deep hugs. We would remind Moses every day that he dids not have to be tomorrow, what he was yesterday.

Dear Moses crossed the rainbow bridge surrounded by those who loved him in July 2015 at the age of 40