The Herd - Zeb's wish
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Story of Herd


Benyamin (Benny) may look like a fragile muppet but he is one of the strongest souls we know. Born in 1993 and coming from living years in a muddy shelterless pen on the coast, poor Benny never did receive the care he needed.  Upon arrival at the sanctuary and despite his neglect, Benny has blossomed in spirit even as his body gets more fragile.  Benny suffers from founder, Cushing’s disease and arthritis- all of which are kept in check with special care, medications, and feed. We love the head-butting boy that he is and revel in good days and suffer with him through his not so good days.

He loves his Daisy girl with all of his fuzzy heart and we love our Benny with all of our fuzzy hearts!


Zeb the Mule came into our lives in 1997 at the age of 38 years old. Starved and abandoned and afraid, this mule found the heart to trust and heal again and in doing so, changed the trajectory of his new mommas life forever.

The promise she made to him that day began a path that would lead to the rescue and transformation of many special needs equines since.


Zeb the mule passed away in 2009 at the age of 50. He never lived to see the nonprofit dedicated to equines like him but we know that his memory drives all that we do here. 

From all of us to you our dearest Zeb- Thank you.  


Born in 2001, our beautiful Star was a once loved family member. She broke her knee and ankle as a youngster and her leg has remodeled itself to be strong if not, well, a bit bowed. Her family chose to keep her despite her deformity. Star came to us after a death in the family. She has a beautiful spirit and is filled with a love of life and the bossyness that a bossmare should have!

Zoomie, Star, Smokey, Goldie and Buttercup

These 5 fabulous smalls came from the same sad situation as Rusty and were so quick to wend their ways into so many hearts.  While some of the little ones loved a crowd, others preferred to have just one good friend in their lives. We are grateful to have found just the right families for all of their big personalities!

Congratulations to all of the smalls on you adoptions and new lives in 2017! You are ALL cherished! 


This big beautiful boy is living proof of the importance of matching the right horse with the right owner. Rusty was a sensitive horse who was purchased for a beginner with little horse experience. His became more and more troubled and developed traits that were seen as dangerous by the owners. He behaved in a way that got his needs met when things at home got difficult.

Fast forward and he and his herd of 5 minis were removed from their home and brought to Zebs Wish in the fall of 2016. With time to heal, put on weight, develope needed muscle and receive some solid behavioral training, Russ blossomed into a magnificent and kind horse. We are so proud of our boy Russ! You have come so far!

The handsome Rusty met the love of his life in the fall of 2017 and was adopted. He and his momma now enjoy hitting the trails together. Go Team Rusty! 

Dilly, Dally and Dulcinea

All three girls were removed from a severe neglect situation and were brought immediately to our fosters to recover. With foot care and refeeding their sparkling personalities began to emerge. We fell in love with these lovely longears!

Nothing can keep a good Donk down and all three were adopted into loving homes and are adored members of their new families! 

Donkey Hotay

Hotay arrived at Zebs Wish in 2013 after 12 years of living, tied by a noose to a truck axle in the forest in the coastal mountains of Oregon. Forced to drag the axle around as he searched for food and water, Hotay was thin, sick and had terrible feet.  A kind neighbor finally convinced the owner to let Hotay go.  The winter night that we finally cut Hotay from his noose opened his life up for the first time.  Hotay learned that humans were not all to be feared, touch was wonderful, and life could be a bright place!

We are thankful to our fearless transport volunteers for braving the cold and dark and TERRIFIED donkey to get him out of there on that cold night. What a joy to have him arrive and settle for the first time in a soft warm stall!

Donkey Hotay was adopted in 2016 by his loving momma and now spends his days with his herd of Donkey and Mule pals.