Zeb's wish | Remi
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Name: Remi

Breed: Hackney/Shetland pony

Age: 11


Remi is an 11 year old paint pony gelding standing 11.1 hands. This wonderful boy was confined to a stall for nearly 10 years with minimal contact from people and no contact with other horses. He had some catching up to do with his confidence, but he is coming along nicely and learning how wonderful human interaction can be.  Remi is a willing pony, and you can lead him anywhere. He is very smart and can think things through without being explosive. Remi says pause, think, proceed. He is respectful of your space and walks nicely on a lead. Remi is not difficult to catch in the field and will approach you if he knows you have treats to share (Did we mention that he will do anything for a delicious graham cracker?).  Remi is growing in his confidence and enjoyment of touch and looks to bond with his special person. He is learning that all strangers are good and kind and often have treats for him to enjoy! Remi loves a good back/shoulder/wither rub and will rock back and forth making sure you get just the right spot.  He is not on any special feed, supplements or medications. He stands nicely for the farrier, loads into his trailer with confidence, and is current on all of his medical care. Remi is a very good boy. Together with his brother, Bear, Remi was adopted in July 2019.

Remi and his best friend Bear came from a severe neglect and starvation situation. These boys have become great friends, following each other everywhere, eating meals together, taking naps together and enjoying each other’s company. We would love for these boys to stay together.

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