Zeb's wish | Opal
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Name: Opal (bonded with Tulip)

Breed: Mule

Age: 30

Status: Companion

Adoption Fee: $400 (for both Opal and Tulip)

Story: through no fault of her own, this magnificent muley and her best friend Tulip were sent to auction. Opal was quite thin but did her very best to protect her friend in that frightening place. Thanks to several compassionate people, both Opal and Tulip were rescued by Zeb’s Wish and are gaining weight and health at their foster home.  Opal is a HUGE lap mule who loves nothing more than getting hugged and groomed and snuggled by humans of all ages. She is helping little sis Tulip get more confident with their human care takers. She is a magnificent grand dame with ears for days and a shiny black coat with just the right amount of snow. Opal would make someone a fantastic new bestie! We ask that Opal and Tulip are adopted together to a home that understands the needs of long ears.