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2018 Winter Reflection Retreat

with Life Coach

Melanie McCloskey   

The Winter Reflection Retreat is designed to support you in “refining”, accepting your amazing self and the possibilities in front of you. 

Participants will learn to acknowledge the greatness, learn from the past and shed what’s not serving you to allow the more powerful truth of your being to fully emerge and embrace what’s calling your soul forward. It’s all already there, waiting for you to get quiet, notice and hear its whisper. 

Let’s also acknowledge there’s a whole mess of things to grow from that hold us back from actualizing what we desire, even with the power we already have. Habits hurts, fears, illness, unfinished business, overwhelm, unhealthy ties, trauma, the list goes on. Diamonds are formed under pressure, with a skilled hand we can intentionally refine ourselves to the many-faceted potentials they hold. 

Life is honestly short, if there are things you want to experience, let’s help you identify what has a hold on you and work through it.

Sandy, OR
Zeb’s Wish Equine Sanctuary Benefit 
February 25th 2018
10am to 5:30pm

Retreats are limited to 8 participants each

Reflection Retreat Options

One Day Retreat Only: $125
Retreat & Follow Up 90 minute Laser Coaching Package (save $25): $275
 One day Retreat & 6 weeks Private Coaching Package (save $100):  $900
Retreats include:
Prework & Coaching Tools Packet
Full day of small group support
Light lunch and snacks
If you’re considering a Coaching package…
Schedule a complimentary 30 minute fit session here to meet 
and go over your desires for coaching and how we work together